Today, MIG/MAG welding is used nearly everywhere in the welding industry and accounts for 50% of all weld metal deposited.

The largest users are heavy and medium-heavy industry, such as manufacturers of steel structures, ship builders, pipelines and pressurised containers, as well as repair and maintenance businesses.

MIG/MAG welding is also commonly used in sheet metal industry, particularly in the car industry, body shops and small industry. Hobbyists and home users also most commonly have a MIG/MAG welding machine.

MIG (metal inert gas) welding is the most widely used of the arc welding processes, suitable for everything from hobbies and small fabrications or repairs, through to large structures, shipbuilding and robotic welding.

Ease of use is a major benefit of MIG in many applications, but speed is also important.  It is far quicker to lay down weld metal with MIG than TIG (tungsten inert gas), MMA (manual metal arc - or 'stick' welding) or gas welding.