Bohler Aluminium Mig Wire 7kg

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Product Code: 4043127M
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Product Code: 4043127M
Stock Status: In Stock

Bohler Aluminium Mig Wire 7kg 

Bohler 5356  Mig wire ;

Solid wire for AlMg alloys containing up to 5 % Mg. Seawater resistant weld metal. Good colour matching with base metal after anodizing. Thorough cleaning of the workpiece bevels is necessary. Thicker plate materials require preheating to 150 °C (302 °F). Aggressive service environments. Automotive components / bumpers. Structures in shipbuilding. Railcars and trailers. Power industry. Cryogenic applications.

Bohler 4043 Mig wire  ;

Solid wires for GMAW welding of aluminium alloys. The weld metal is not suitable for anodizing for decorative purposes. Very fluid weld pool. Thicker plate materials and castings require preheating to 150 – 200 °C (302 – 392 °F). Do not use for welding hardenable alloys in high stressed zones. Automotive components / frame and drive shafts. Bicycle frames.

Premium quality filler materials for the welding of aluminium We offer a comprehensive range of premium quality wires and rods for the GMAW/MIG and GTAW/TIG welding of aluminium, covering all major grades. They feature the following characteristics and user benefits: Product characteristics User benefits Use of high purity raw material » Reduced risk of weld porosity » X-ray quality welds Tightly controlled wire chemistry » Welds with matching chemical composition and mechanical values Surface shaving, cleaning and coating technology » Reduced risk of weld porosity » X-ray quality welds » No flaking – stable feeding » Nice weld appearance Tightly controlled diameter and cast & helix » Good feeding properties » Straight welds GTAW/ TIG rods marked 2 x on one side with the AA number and the aluminium alloy designation » Easy identification of filler metal .

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