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Buse Industrial Gases

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Flexible. Individual. Bundled.

Industrial gases are everywhere. They play an essential role in a variety of areas and have become indispensable. They are highly versatile and are used in a wide variety of tasks, depending on the desired requirement. These range from pure protection to the control of certain processes or as carriers of substances. The protective function of these technical gases is probably the most frequent use and covers almost all markets. Industrial gases can be produced in different ways. And that’s where BUSE comes into play.

Gas Range

The intelligent solution.

Our Quick-Fit with integrated valve: the REG+. Unlike conventional gas cylinders, it is particularly stable. The reason lies in their low center of gravity, which makes falling over almost impossible. In addition, the REG+ is very easy to handle. No wrench, no bottle closure. So an exchange of the gas cylinder is extremely fast and easy. In addition, the REG+ impresses with its cost-effectiveness. This includes our quick access to all equipment, the reduction of repair and replacement costs as well as the precise control of gas consumption. It is hardly possible to be more flexible.

It’s not easily disturbed. REG+, new from BUSE. Unlike conventional gas cylinders, the Regulator+ is a real stand-up unit. Due to its smaller stature, it has a slightly lower center of gravity. It’s no pushover.

The built-in regulator is integrated into the sturdy protective cap and is thereby protected on all sides. With it, the outlet pressure can be precisely regulated and perfectly controlled at all times. A valve on the quick connector also prevents unwanted gas leakage. In this way, the REG+ provides you with even more security.

Make changes on the fly when time is short. The integrated quick connector of the REG+ makes it so easy to replace cylinders even in tense situations. Since the REG+ requires no wrenches, the exchange is made in the twinkling of an eye. Allowing you to concentrate on the essentials. Smaller cylinders, easier handling, same great performance.

Time is valuable. That is why we attach great importance to the quick access of equipment. Furthermore, repair and replacement costs are minimized thanks to the integrated built-in regulator in the protective cap of the REG+. This allows for the more precise control of gas consumption and can even help reduce it. This also means that protective gas mixtures, argon, or oxygen can all be used in one cylinder type. Versatility has a new name.

Optimally assorted.

We offer a wide array of products. This allows us to serve an incredibly diverse range of customers and ensures our leading position in the market. Thanks to our various delivery options, we can meet all manner of customer wishes. We are as flexible as our customers need us to be.

Liquid Gases

CO2, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen

Gaseous Gases

CO2, Hydrogen, Inert gases and many more

Maintain an overview.

Whether welding, cutting or forming. Here you will find a compact representation of our gases.

The smart combination.

This option allows you to avoid time-consuming handling while optimally ensuring longer-term gas supply. Here at BUSE, though, we take things one step further. With our unique 9× 80-litre bundle, we have set the bar even higher. It offers better value and is even more environmentally friendly. Because at BUSE, we are never satisfied with “good enough.”

  • 9x 80-litre bundle/cylinder pack
  • 12x 50-litre bundle/cylinder pack
  • 16x 50-litre bundle/cylinder pack

Self-sufficient and flexible.

with an on-site system, you secure your gas supply on your own premises. Enjoy greater independence, cost-effectiveness, and control. This gives you greater planning security and more confidence with regard to supply. In addition, self-supply reduces waiting times and lowers costs. 

  • Nitrogen
    Degree of purity from 95 to >99,999%, Production rate from 0,6 to over 2.000 m3/h
  • Oxygen
    Degree of purity from 30 to95%, Production rate from 0,1 to over 500 m3/h
  • Hydrogen
    Degree of purity from 99,5 to >99,999%, Production rate from 0,1 to over 350 m3/h

Sometimes you have to split.

These gases are literally cutting-edge. Whatever cutting gases you might require – whether flame, plasma, or laser cutting, for unalloyed, low-alloy, or high-alloy steel – at BUSE, you’ll find the right gases for your needs. The extraordinary quality of our products will make your work easier. This in turn enables you to increase quality, optimize performance, and reduce costs at the same time. It’s a true win-win situation.

  • Oxygen
  • Propylen
  • Acetylen

We have a strong bond with the welding market.

Thanks to our shielding gases, you can be sure that your welds will hold. These gases displace the surrounding air from the environment, creating a protective buffer around the weld that prevents oxygen and water vapor from compromising the welded workpieces. Unwanted chemical reactions are thereby avoided so that the fusion retains the greatest possible stability.

  • MIG: Metal welding with inert gases, does not react or hardly reacts with the potential reaction partner
  • MAG: Metal welding with active gases that deliberately cause a reaction
  • TIG: Tungsten inert-gas welding
  • Oxyfluid