HBS Stud Welding Systems

CD (Capacity Discharge) Stud Welding means that drilling, tapping, punching, bonding and riveting is no longer necessary to fix fastening elements.  Reworking is unnecessary on the non-working side, even on galvanised, plastic coated or enamelled surfaces.  There is no need for flux, inert gas or ceramic ferrules and access is from one side only. Furthermore no leakage is caused when welding onto containers.

Because our inventory reflects a rapidly changing market some special items, or raw materials for their manufacture, are stocked.  This also applies to some low usage standard items where a short lead time may be required.

The cleanliness and end configuration of CD studs is critical for obtaining consistent welds wheras with DA (Drawn Arc) studs the cone angle, flux deposit and ferrule must be correct. 

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HBS Stud Welding Systems
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HBS CDi 1502 Stud Welding Package
£1,695.00 + VAT
£2,034.00 (inc. VAT)
HBS CDi 502 Stud Welding Package 110volt / 240v
£995.00 + VAT
£1,194.00 (inc. VAT)
HBS Pegasar 500 accu Battery Powered Stud Welder
£2,350.00 + VAT
£2,820.00 (inc. VAT)