JEI Cutters

JEI Drilling & Cutting solutions, Known as JEI are a British company specialising in the manufacture, supply and maintenance of portable magnetic drilling machines, annular broaching cutters, pneumatic drilling systems and distinct metal fabricating equipment.

JEI work closely with a global network of distribution partners, providing solutions for a diverse range of industry sectors, including:

Steel Fabrication, Building Construction, Bridge-Building and repair, Rail Industry Offshore Oil and Gas Construction, Mining, Ship Building, Defence Systems, Power Regeneration Plants, Precision Engineering.
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JEI Cutters
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JEI Turbo Steel (M2AL) Cutters
£14.25 + VAT
£17.10 (inc. VAT)
JEI M2AL Cutter Pins
£3.68 + VAT
£4.42 (inc. VAT)