JOST Pipe Sanding System

The only  Pipe Sanding System worldwide for grinding and polishing of pipes and round rods 360° in one step.

The Pipe Sanding System 2000 is very effective for the removal of rust, the satin finishing, the polishing and cleaning and the rubbing down.


The pipes do not have to be dismantled in order to treat them all over. This unique system - which runs on an angle grinder or burnishing machine - sands the pipe through 360° in one operation.

The Jöst Pipe Sanding System 2000 reduces the amount of work by up to 50% compared with other systems.

And costs are lowered on abrasives. The Jöst system saves money and is easy and convenient to use. 

The pipe sanding system developed by Jöst abrasives is unique in being the only system in the world allowing all-over, fast and easy treatment of pipes and rods in one stage through 360°.

With the Jöst system, the sanding collar is fitted around the part to be treated and made to rotate by an electric or pneumatic drive system.

The driving force needed to make the sanding collar rotate is transmitted by a drive belt which has also been developed and patented by Jöst abrasives. This can be effortlessly and quickly be opened and locked in place by a patent fastener, which is absolutely essential when using a closed pipe system.

Here are some possible uses for the Jöst Pipe Sanding System 2000: railings, metal and steel structures, boatyards, stainless steel structures, pipework, interior fittings, industrial cleaners, painters and body finishers and many more.  

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JOST Pipe Sanding System
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JOST Pipe Sanding System 2000
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