Lanthinated 1.5% Tungstens

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Product Code: TUG10
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Product Code: TUG10
Stock Status: In Stock
1.5% Gold Lanthanated tungsten suitable for use on AC or DC electrode negative, Great striking & ignition

Lanthanated tungsten electrodes contain a minimum of 97.80 percent tungsten and 1.30 percent to 1.70 percent lanthanum, and are known as 1.5 percent Lanthanated. These electrodes have excellent arc starting, a low burnoff rate, good arc stability, and excellent reignition characteristics. Lanthanated electrodes also share the conductivity characteristics of 2 percent Thoriated tungsten. In some cases, 1.5 percent Lanthanated can replace 2 percent Thoriated without having to make significant welding program changes.

Lanthanated tungsten electrodes are ideal if you want to optimize your welding capabilities. They work well on AC or DC electrode negative with a pointed end, or they can be balled for use with AC sine wave power sources. Lanthanated tungsten maintains a sharpened point well, which is an advantage for welding steel and stainless steel on DC or AC from square wave power sources.

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