Kemppi Mig Torches

The best combination of weight and balance ensures welding craftsmen comfortably deliver their skill weld after weld. Choose from a wide range of Euro connceted MIG/MAG welding guns in a variety of lengths from 3 to 8 meters.
FE Gun Range

The FE range's great combination of professional performance with the comfort, value, and flexibility of a gas-cooled MIG/MAG gun suited to light to medium duty performance, makes it a solid choice for our customers.
MMT/PMT Gun Range
Whether you're welding ships' hulls or pleasure boats, rail cars or racing cars, you can trust Kemppi MMT and PMT guns to deliver value to every weld. This range includes guns for both manual and mechanized welding.


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Kemppi Mig Torches
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Kemppi FE Range
£106.00 + VAT
£127.20 (inc. VAT)
Kemppi MMG Range
£110.00 + VAT
£132.00 (inc. VAT)